Emission 189

Goo Goo Dolls – Just the way you are
Tenement – Everyone to love you
Uranium Club – The Collector
Big Eyes – Leave This Town
Hard Skin – That’s Bollocks Mate
Mikey Erg – Apart Time
Bangers – Banging
Bitpart – Real and close, out of mind
Chestnut Road – Safety
Angry Angles – She’s dead
Diktat – Echec
Good Throb – The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock
Cold Meat – Full Of Shit

Super Unison – Walk Away
Torso – Everyone is sick
Praise – Settle Down
Modern Love – Inhumanunkind
Muncie Girls – I don’t want to talk about it
Nightwatchers – Making it great again
Snappy Days - My Sword
Suicide Commandos – Call of the Wild
Soup Dragons – Head Gone Astray
The Bomb – Never Want To See You Again
Les Thugs – I was Dreaming
Mineral – Palisade