Emission 186

Blitz - New Age
The War Goes On - Ugly Part Of Town
Jerry's Kids - Vietnam Syndrome 
The Ship Thieves - No Anchor
Défaite - Le jour d'après / Oublier
Anxiety Attack - Down With Rijsel
Shock - Syndicat Police
Youth Avoiders - Face Up To It
Rixe - Hexagone
The Rival Mob - I Want To Be Victimized
Last Rights - So Ends Our Night
I.C.E - Colder
Exit Order - Begging
Metz and John Reis - Caught Up
Mrs. Magician - Eyes All Over Town
Rikk Agnew - Yur 2 Late
Mean Jeans - Nite Vision
Great Plains - Letter To A Fanzine 
Spectres - Vertigo Litovsk - Crazy As Those Dreams Can Be 
Yoshihiro Hiraoka & Human Arts - 小我から大我へ