Emission 180

Shannon and the clams – Point of being right

Good Throb – You ain’t never
Frau – Punk is my boyfriend

Rotten Mind – I don’t want to be the one
The vicious – Illusions

Bed Wettin’ bad boys – any day now
No-sè – Ain’t that someshit

Syndrome 81 – Contre vents et marées
Gasmask Terror – Chape de plomb

Leatherface – Not a day goes by
Chesnut Road – 7 AM

Teenage Bottle Rocket – Todayo
Ash - Kung fu

Mr.T Experience – Love American Style
Cheap Girls – Pure Hate

Heavy Hearts – Summer Letter
Drug Church – Aleister

Visiting Nurse – Back to Zero Again
Pines – Maybe if you get a tattoo you’ll remember it

Frank Turner – Reasons not to be an idiot