Emission 193

The Manikins – I Want My Baby Dead
The Organ – Brother
Sheer Mag – Expect the bayonet
Exit Order – Seed Of Hysteria
Tozibabe – Dezuje
Hop Along – Tibetan Pop Stars
Cayetana – Grumpy’s
Waxahatchee – Silver
Dude York – Black Jack
Steve Adamyk Band – If I Wanted To
Zero Gain – Solid Gold
Faux Départ – Handicapé Social
Torino – Sous la terre de glace
Diktat – Plus Tard
Impalers – It’s so hard
Short Days – Dead Inside
Reagan Youth – New Aryans
Uranium Club – That Clown’s Got A Gun
Milk Music - Twists & Turns & Headtrips
The Men – Open Your Heart
Kevin Morby – Come to me now

Emission 192

Diet Cig – Sleep Talk
Exotica – Perseguida
Rata Negra – El Automata
Mary Bell – Waste
Dark Times – Dirt
Priests – Pink White House
The Courtneys – Lost Boys
Dude York – Tonight
Tacocat – You never came back
UV-TV – Run, Run (Morning Sun)
Bitpart – Tiny Box
Lemuria – Pants
Cayetana – Mesa
Chastity Belt – Different Now

Emission 191

Seb and The Rhaa Dix – Every Day/ Tous les jours
Suede – Outsiders
Dinosaur Jr – Goin Down
Cyrus Gengras – Tiny Incraments
Agent Orange – Bloodstains
Void – Who are you ?
Denim and Leather – Picture of a dog
Sievehead – Buried beneath
Woodwork - Mari Chi Weu
Crown Court – Thames Sake
Accidente – Bandada
Suicidas – Vertigo
The Ramones – The KKK took my baby away
The Adverts – New Church
The Clash – I’m not down
Modern Love – Hat
The Headliners – She’s a minx
Hurula – Ny Drog
Telecult – Lost Nights
Cheena – Stupor
The Minneapolis Uranium Club – The Lottery
Allisson Crutchfield – Dean’s room
Archet Cassé – Année de merde
Télédétente 666 – Toxic
Ventre de Biche – Un bon vigile
Mothecountry Motherfuckers – White Belly Rat
Metronome Charisma – Les pieds devant
Monplaisir – Venice fades away

Emission 190

P.S Eliot – Tonight
Trash Knife – Tips
Vexx – Step Inside
Suicidas – La ventana de atras
Super Unison – Losing You
Terror Visions – World of Shit
Ultra - No Control
Barren - Violence for peace
Fraude – Lie down in despair
Color TV – Two Sides
Turbonegro – Drenched In Blood
Shit Present - Kick me
Heavy Heart – Unravel
Mikey Erg – Comme si About Me
The Ergs – Hang up
Death cab for cutie – Talking like turnstiles
Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle
Cat Power – I found a reason
Angel Olsen – Sister

Emission 189

Goo Goo Dolls – Just the way you are
Tenement – Everyone to love you
Uranium Club – The Collector
Big Eyes – Leave This Town
Hard Skin – That’s Bollocks Mate
Mikey Erg – Apart Time
Bangers – Banging
Bitpart – Real and close, out of mind
Chestnut Road – Safety
Angry Angles – She’s dead
Diktat – Echec
Good Throb – The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock
Cold Meat – Full Of Shit

Super Unison – Walk Away
Torso – Everyone is sick
Praise – Settle Down
Modern Love – Inhumanunkind
Muncie Girls – I don’t want to talk about it
Nightwatchers – Making it great again
Snappy Days - My Sword
Suicide Commandos – Call of the Wild
Soup Dragons – Head Gone Astray
The Bomb – Never Want To See You Again
Les Thugs – I was Dreaming
Mineral – Palisade

Emission 188 - Summer playlist !

Clorox Girls – Don’t you take your life
Mean Jeans – Stoned 2 The Bone
TV Crime – Hooligans
The Marvelous Darlings – I don’t wanna go to the party
Hunx – Always Forever
Steve Adamyk Band – I’ll take you anywhere
Sonic avenues – Waste Away Alone
Protex – I Can Only Dream
Sunnyboys – You Need a friend
Carbonas – Assvogel
The Marked Men – Don’t lose it
Hex dispensers – Personnality X-Ray
The Love Triangle – Hollywood Sleaze
The Number Ones – Sharon Shouldn’t
M.O.T.O – Choking on your insides
Mrs. Magician – Don’t flatter yourself

Emission 187

Brûlures – Total Mangane
Blank Slate – Static Reaction
Career Suicide – Play The Part
Flowers of evil – Intervention
Lost boys- Lost Boys
Dark Thoughts – No More Soul
Radioactivity – Other Life
Out With a bang – Wasted Needle
Lumpy and the lumpers – Pee in the pool / Nix nix nix
Jay Reatard – See/Saw
GLOSS – Give Violence a Chance
Bombardement – I want to see you dead
Priests – Modern Love / No Weapon
Devo – Space Junk
Eagulls – Skipping
Jawbreaker – Accident Prone
Promise Ring – Why did ever we meet / How Nothing Feels

Emission 186

Blitz - New Age
The War Goes On - Ugly Part Of Town
Jerry's Kids - Vietnam Syndrome 
The Ship Thieves - No Anchor
Défaite - Le jour d'après / Oublier
Anxiety Attack - Down With Rijsel
Shock - Syndicat Police
Youth Avoiders - Face Up To It
Rixe - Hexagone
The Rival Mob - I Want To Be Victimized
Last Rights - So Ends Our Night
I.C.E - Colder
Exit Order - Begging
Metz and John Reis - Caught Up
Mrs. Magician - Eyes All Over Town
Rikk Agnew - Yur 2 Late
Mean Jeans - Nite Vision
Great Plains - Letter To A Fanzine 
Spectres - Vertigo Litovsk - Crazy As Those Dreams Can Be 
Yoshihiro Hiraoka & Human Arts - 小我から大我へ